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Starting in 2009 with a few blocks of lime trees on an orchard in Wairoa, Hawke’s Bay, local growers Dianne Downey & Paul Hyslop planted more trees as they could afford them. And while their trees grew and their new business blossomed.

The unique subtropical climate makes this location very desirable for the growing of citrus and limes. With 4 hectares, 4 lime varieties, 4000 trees, every lime they grow can be linked back to the block and row it came from.

The passion of these local growers, has seen the The Limery expand their range into fresh juices and salad dressings, which they proudly grow and squeeze all in Wairoa, made from 100% pure fruit and free from any concentrate.

Dianne & Paul are firm believers in squeezing every last bit of goodness out of their lime trees. The blossoms and leaves go to gin distilleries while the waste from juicing goes to stock food. Sustainability is a key focus too, with recycling of rainwater for irrigation, the pesticide-free approach to growing and an ongoing commitment to support their local community with employment opportunities and a juicing facility for other citrus growers.

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230 Main South Road, Dunedin
New Zealand • 9018

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